Can you hook up your gooseneck trailer

with a Remote Control?    We Can!


Welcome. Take a few minutes to look through our gooseneck trailer couplers and accessories. Originally, these products were designed for our own use; taking horses to shows or to the vet; hauling hay or transporting tractors for repairs.  People who saw them insisted that we make them available to the public, so here we are!


The Heavy Hauler

The New Generation: 2013 Heavy HaulerTM
This new version of the Heavy HaulerTM comes packed with several new exciting features that add more convenience, safety and security to our existing product.

Hook up with the REMOTE CONTROL or the convenient KEYPAD

Trailer is digitally secured with a factory programmed SECURITY CODE

· Vertical Adjustability - Custom adjustments can be made to the vertical height of the coupler, allowing it to fit standard pickup trucks as well as the new haulers that are much taller and are being used to haul larger trailers.

· Versatile Shape - The base plate and the Slide ShoeTM have a new shape to allow the 2013 Heavy Hauler to be compatible with the moving parts of the taller, larger towing vehicles such as the Schwalbe Custom Multi-Purpose Truck.


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