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Imagine this…… You are in western Montana in the middle of February. It is 15 degrees below zero, the wind is blowing at 35mph, and you are trying to un-hook your gooseneck horse trailer.

Do you know how hard it is to get in the bed of a truck, under the gooseneck part of the trailer, wearing a snow suit?  Try banging that latch open with the rock that you keep in the truck bed for just that purpose.  And, by-the-way, your rock is probably frozen to the bed of the truck and the latch is probably frozen shut as well.  Now you need to get down on your knees in the snow so you can pull the foot of the landing gear down.  When you finally make it back up on your feet, you get to spend the next several wind-blown minutes hand cranking your trailer off of your truck.  Even in beautiful weather, this process is a pain.

Well, this is where THE HEAVY HAULER, by EZ Switch Hitch, comes in!  You will never again have to climb into the bed of your truck to hook or unhook your trailer.  You will never again have to get down on the ground to mess with the landing gear.  And forget the hand cranking!  With a handy, easy-to-use remote control, you can raise and lower your trailer and latch and unlatch your hitch. The new safety chains are easily hooked while standing on the ground, so you just have to plug in your electric cable and put up your tailgate, and away you go!

It is really that easy!

We have spent lifetimes hooking and unhooking gooseneck trailers in every kind of weather imaginable. This invention came from mild suffering, impatience, and that desire to find the cleanest, easiest, most hassle-free, and most importantly, the safest way possible to connect a truck and trailer. Try it out and you will never go back to an old-fashioned hitch!

Our hitches were imagined, designed, built, tested, tested again, manufactured, packaged and shipped from Wanderin' Star Ranch in Stevensville, Montana.  Every trailer on the Ranch has an EZ Switch Hitch product on it.  Whether it is hauling a horse to a show, to the vet, to a sale, or hauling any of the tractors in for repairs, an EZ Switch Hitch product is there, making it easier, quicker and safer than ever.  Click on the link or the picture to check out the Ranch and learn more..... About Wanderin' Star Ranch!

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