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EZ Switch Hitch


     The Slide Shoe by EZ Switch Hitch is offered as an amazing improvement to the bottom plate on a conventional Bulldog Hitch. The Slide Shoe consists of a patent pending process and device that incorporates a replacement steel bottom plate with the unique use of a special polyethylene material in the form of a spacer and an added surface to the new bottom plate. The use of the special polyethylene allows us to provide a much larger surface for the bottom of the coupler, creating a supersized 6” target area for landing the coupler on the ball. If the ball contacts the Slide Shoe in the target area, the polyethylene, with its low co-efficient of friction, actually appears to seek out the ball which slides seemingly impossible distances to enter into the coupler. The special polyethylene used in the Slide Shoe resists damage or abrasion from impact 10 times better than carbon steel, is self-lubricating and gives an unsurpassed slickness and toughness to our product. The use of the polyethylene spacer helps insure effortless movement of the bottom plate while locking and unlocking the coupler. Please see our video of the Slide Shoe in action. No more pushing on the trailer or the truck to align your hitch. No more multiple passes to get the truck-bed ball under the coupler.


                                                             Slide Shoe


With the Slide Shoe you will be able to quickly and safely hitch your trailer like a pro!

Do I need “The Slide Shoe”, or “The Slide Shoe CE” ?

EZ Switch Hitch


EZ Switch Hitch



EZ Switch Hitch


Temporarily Unavailable for Purchase


Installation is a snap for mechanics, but ordinary folks with only a few tools, minimal mechanical skill, and 10 minutes, can easily install a new Slide Shoe. Everything needed for the installation comes in the package you will receive from EZ Switch Hitch (except the tools, of course!). 


We are also providing downloadable, printable .pdf's of our Installation Instructions and Warranty Information.

The Slide Shoe Installation Instructions and Warranty

The Slide Shoe CE Installation Instructions and Warranty

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