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EZ T Gooseneck Coupler

EZ T Gooseneck Coupler

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The EZ T was created for the people who need full vertical travel in their coupler to allow for the proper horizontal alignment between the towing vehicle and the trailer being towed. Today’s larger longer and heavier trailers with deeper structure at the point of coupler attachment are being towed by bigger more powerful haulers with higher bed heights. This requires a coupler that can travel vertically all the way into the receiver tube at the connection point. This is the only way to achieve proper horizontal alignment between the towing vehicle and its trailer.
The “EZ T” also has what we believe to be the most positive and failsafe latching mechanism in the industry. The Ball Locking “T” Pin provides quick, easy positive engagement and exceptionally high holding strength for applications requiring frequent, repetitive use. These Pins are Number 1 in Safety, Speed and Dependability. Designed and manufactured by the Aero Space Industry for high performance and high-strength in critical applications and severe environments. As in any securing project what is more important than the Lock? Your safety and that of your horses deserve the best and we believe this is it.
We also designed the “EZ T” with our Patent Pending Slide Shoe landing surface to give you not only exceptional vertical adjustment, the best and most innovative Latching system but unequaled ease of alignment between your truck and trailer during the coupling process. To learn more about the Slide Shoe portion of the “EZ T” please visit our page on the Slide Shoe and watch the demonstration video. There is simply nothing else like these products on the market today!

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