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The New Generation: 2013 Heavy HaulerTM

The Heavy Hauler

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This new version of The Heavy HaulerTM comes packed with several new exciting features that add more convenience, safety and security to our existing product.
* Security Code - The Receiver has been changed to allow for security features which protect the trailer from unauthorized persons tampering with or moving the trailer. This security feature includes a 4-digit, factory programmed "Master Code" chosen by the customer to engage the hydraulics, and has an additional "Service Code" that can be activated by the customer to allow technicians to work on or service the trailer without revealing the Master Code to any third party. The new Receiver will also be part of an enhanced trailer-wide security system that will be offered later this year.
* Exterior Keypad - The 2013 Heavy Hauler has an improved method for mounting the Receiver on the trailer, putting the bulk of the Receiver inside of the trailer body with only the Keypad exposed, there by protecting the Receiver from the elements and tampering. This also places the Keypad in a convenient location to safely and easily hitch up your trailer.
* Vertical Adjustability - Custom adjustments can be made to the vertical height of the coupler, allowing it to fit standard pickup trucks as well as the new haulers that are much taller and are being used to haul larger trailers.
* Versatile Shape - The base plate and the Slide ShoeTM have a new shape to allow the 2013 Heavy Hauler to be compatible with the moving parts of the taller, larger towing vehicles such as the Schwalbe Custom Multi-Purpose Truck.

The 2013 Heavy Hauler also has all of the great features of the previous version. It comes with the newly configured and convenient Remote Transmitter. This means that all of the trailer's hydraulic functions will still be right at your fingertips. Vertical travel is still one of the main features of the Heavy Hauler. This adjustability creates a safer and more comfortable hauling experience for the truck, trailer and especially, the horses. The 2013 Heavy Hauler still comes with our unique safety chain system that has been so popular with our customers. With all of its great features, the 2013 Heavy Hauler will make your trailer hitching a breeze!
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* In our opinion the best way to connect your trailer to your truck is with the Heavy Hauler and the best way to connect your electrical system between your truck and trailer is with the EZ Connector, a product made by our friends at EZ Connector.

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